In December 1991, Jim and Linda Tjelmeland, together with Francisco and Anamy Jocol, left Guatemala to enter Honduras as missionaries.  The Lord had spoken to them during their four years as missionaries in Guatemala and said, "If you will plant yourselves in the middle of Honduras, I will give you the four corners."  Today, Jim and Linda are seeing that promise fulfilled as Pastors invite them to come and teach their people all over Honduras.  Through these seminars, they are touching the lives and ministries of pastors and leaders in every zone of the country.  They provide pastors invaluable materials to strengthen and equip their churches. The Bible Institute is preparing pastors and leaders for effective ministry.  Our Day Care Center and Preschool help us reach working families. Our Workers Together With God team coordinates activities for visiting groups, and  evangelistic outreaches in the central zone.  Our medical and dental clinic serves the physical and spiritual needs of the people. We minister to an average of 70 patients a day with medical care as well as prayer and counsel. Our ministry goal is to reach the people of Honduras with the message of salvation in the name of Jesus and to demonstrate the love of God through teaching and works of mercy. Our prayer is that your heart be joined to ours to do the work that God has given us to do.

WTWG Scope and Expression:
The following are specific areas of emphasis

Bible Institutes in Comayagua and the surrounding rural areas

Medical and Dental Clinic in Comayagua and Free Clinics in remote areas

Day Care and Preschool to reach working families

Facilitation of both short-term and long-term missionary groups and individuals who want to work in Honduras

The old expression says "Many hands make light work." With so much to do we need your hands working with our hands to accomplish what God has given us to do.  We need you, working together with us and God in Central America.  We invite you to interact with us. Fill out the contact form below and send us your thoughts. We want to hear from you.

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Jim, Linda and Ana Tjelmeland